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          More Coming Up Soon!

Want to be part of the first South East Asian roller derby family? We are currently looking for sponsors interested in helping us take roller derby off the ground right here in Singapore.

Some of the benefits of being part of the action:

  • We are the first Asian Roller Derby League in South East Asia! It means we have new potential markets waiting to be explored!
  • Roller derby is growing internationally! There are more than 600 leagues around the world and it just keeps growing! We are tightly-knit community who share a lot!
  • Our roller derby sisters in America and Australia are holding competitions AKA bouts that sell-out every time! We are looking at 2000-3000 tickets sold at each event.
  • This all mean we can help you reach out to a wider target audience!
  • Don’t believe us? Check out the WFTDA’s demographic survey done!

Think about it!


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