Fresh Meat

Alright, you have decided you want to be a derby girl today or maybe you are still exploring your options? We have compiled a list of things new derby grrrls AKA Fresh Meat, would need to know and cool links you can check out for more detailed information.

Every derby grrrl would need the following to train. Approach us if you need to order derby equipment, as we do bulk orders from our suppliers and split the shipping costs.

Derby Equipment

  • Skates (Sure-Grip, Riedell, Atlas, Roll-Line, Answer (Matter, Atom)
  • Helmet (Triple-8, Protec)
  • Wrist Guards
  • Elbow Guards
  • Knee Guards
  • Mouth Guard

Depending on your budget and the level of your commitment, we highly recommend a little research before spending. For more detailed information: Click here

Derby Fitness

Derby trainings require a high level of fitness. Most of the girls have never done a sport before derby but that didn’t keep them away! To keep us in shape and to prevent ourselves from getting any unwanted injuries, we include cardiovascular endurance exercises, strength training exercises and lots and lots of stretching. So be prepared to break a sweat!

Derby Name

All derby girls get to choose a derby name. Like a superhero or an alter-ego, you can pick one that identifies you and makes you stand out from the crowd. However, you have to visit the International Derby Roster to ensure you don’t pick the same name as someone else. Derby grrrls take their originality very seriously!

So, ready to be a Chilli Padi?


10 thoughts on “Fresh Meat

  1. Hey there ladies! Very interested to join in, but do not have any equipment and im also not that fit but willing to try and dont mind getting hurt! 😉 Please call me back and let me know if i can join in your training and what it takes. My mobile is 92746600. Also im 27 this year.

    Love Sophie!

  2. Hey there! I’m also really interested to join! I’m 18 this year, and do not have any equipment as well. My number’s 96408245! Would love to join your trainings 😀
    ❤ Janene.

  3. Awesome! I’ve been wanting to try this sport since I first found out about it. Can I turn up with a pair of in-line skates for a practice session? And maybe borrow a helmet from someone? I’m 25 and in average fitness. email me!

  4. Hi will it be alright if me and my friend join you for one of the training sessions just for fun? We have an inline skating background so can we just bring our skates and join u girls at scape tmr?

  5. hey
    must i get a skate to join u for training?? i thought of trying out but am really in a tight budget now. is there like rental of the skate or something??

  6. Hey ladies. I was wondering if I could come join you Tuesday night. I have a pair of normal roller skates and some pads. I’m not a great skater but really interested to join in and become one. : )

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