The derby community is made up of networks of people passionate about the sport. It is one big crazy loving family and everyone’s contributions go a long way. Right now, we are seeking folks who would be keen to help out by volunteering their services.

Roles available:

  • Designers (Could be students looking to build up portfolios)
  • Videographers
  • Photographers
  • Editors/Writers
  • Coaches
  • Referees
  • Medics for bouts

You don’t need to be on skates to be part of the action.

Contact us now!


2 thoughts on “Contribute

  1. Hi guys,

    Living in Asia for some time, im a 24 years old artist as in videographer, photographer, designer, marketing, branding and web designer.

    Got interested on your concept since i was growing up skating on 4 Wheels! haha changed to lane skates but hmm nothing like the retro stuff.

    Well, will like to colab with you guys, taking some kind of retro photography, as if in high fashion photos and retro at the same time, i got some model friends from my country back here and other countries as well that will be available for me to use in the photos 😉 and some time in video kinda thing lol… Advantages of being in fashion life since young as a model xD now im the one behind the camera.

    Let me know if its possible to make a shoot during this sunday? the concept may be something kinda afro style the hair thingy and the skates and a Latin girl, as if it was some kind of fashion of the 60’s inspiration.

    Take a look on some of my photos on my flickr:

    Rene Davila.

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