Skating in Solidarity: SlutWalk SG

If you dress like a slut, you’re asking for it. If you get drunk at a club, you’re inviting trouble. If you flirt with a guy, you’re giving him signals that say you want to sleep with him; why should he expect anything less? There’s been lots of controversy about SlutWalk internationally, and plenty of it on local ground too.

Now, being the grrrls that we are, we know none if this to be true, and we were all geared up to get involved with SlutWalk Singapore. Roller Derby stands for so much of what SlutWalk speaks up for, and we wanted to join the movement with skates on and hair down, all set to lend our voices, presence and skates to a cause most definitely worth skating our hearts out for.

In Roller Derby, we’re not about crying when you’ve fallen down, whining when you get a bruise, sulking because you’re not skating as well as you know you can. We’re about getting up and skating on. It’s a tough sport and we’re tough grrrls. But that toughness comes from passion, and we’re all about passion for our fellow grrrls in the country and around the world.

We might skate in tiny shorts or in a comfy pair of cut-offs, a cute sports bra or an oversized t-shirt; we wear what we want to because we can, what we feel good in, what we feel confident in, what encourages us to go out there and be, and feel, at our best. And the same should apply whether you’re in skates or in your new 6-inch heels, whether you’re on the track, in the club, at home or on the street.

At the SlutWalk Singapore gathering that took place over the weekend, we saw lots of grrrls who were just like us. Some dressed casually, some dressed to kill, some who showed more skin and some who showed less. It didn’t matter what anyone was wearing; we were all there to show our support and be part of a cause that so desperately needs attention.

Because when girls are raped, molested, belittled or put down in any way, the Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls skate in with our heads held high to say, under NO circumstances is this excusable.

Being a part of CPDG is all about owning the space you’re in, going at your own pace while challenging yourself to reach the next level, taking the good with the bad, the encouragement with the tough love.

It’s also about helping a fellow grrrl out when she needs help getting up, telling her it gets better, getting her help when she needs it and giving her sp
ace to speak out when she’s ready; being there for her when she is ready, instead of saying “You asked for it.”

And life outside of derby really shouldn’t be any different.

The Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls skate in solidarity with SlutWalk SG and are proud to be part of a movement that is a big step towards getting voices heard where they have been silent; to making slut-shaming and victim-blaming stop where it should never have begun. 

– Written by our very own Loretta Marie Perera

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