20 Week Training Programme

The Chilli Padis have done it again! We have come up with a training programme that will lead all fresh meat to be bout-ready at the end of it. It’s not magic, but a combination of hard work and lots of sweat! Beginning next week (8th Nov), every Tuesdays and Thursdays at *Scape! You’ll need your skates and gears!

Leading us will be Amy Drake Gabrielson aka Sweet D’Zasta formerly from Treasure Valley Rollergirls – Boise, Idaho (USA) and Sarah Alison aka Ecchi Keeler from the London Roller Girls (UK). Both have flown in from whence they came to seek a new life in Singapore and share with us their derby experience. These two beautiful and really awesome skaters will be training us grrrls taking us a step further to being bout-ready!

SO CALLING OUT TO ALL YOU FRESH MEAT OUT THERE!  What are you waiting for?! Stop making excuses and join us now! If you’re worried about not being able to skate well but you are willing to learn, then WE WANT YOU~

Sign up HERE!


2 thoughts on “20 Week Training Programme

  1. what if we don’t have any roller-skates/rollerblades for the training, can we still come? but we won’t be skating right? cause we don’t have the skates. i wonders. because im very keen to go but what bother me is the rollerblade cause currently, my mom strictly hold my expenses due to certain reasons so its impossible for me to ask mom to buy rollerblades asap.

    • Hey there!
      It’ll be best if you have skates on because most (like 90%) of our trainings are on skates!
      There are some skates in the lower price range sold at Gossip Skate shop in *Scape, so maybe you can check it out?

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