Krav Maga For Derby Grrrls

Ever wonder if you were safe walking home alone at night and what happens if you were being assaulted? Would you have been able to defend yourself and make it away safe or fear the very worse?

According to the UN’s website under ‘Violence Against Women’ section, it is stated that up to 6 out of every 10 women globally experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime.

We derby grrrls may be tough on the rink but we rather not take the chance when faced with danger, especially when we least expect it. That’s why we just had two great, fun and useful sessions of Krav Maga women’s self defense classes on the 4th and 11th of October this month! We also had a derby guest from the Victorian Roller Derby League join us for one of our sessions, but we’ll fill you on who she is soon!

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A special thanks to Don, our Krav Maga instructor and his lovely assistants for running these sessions with us! Classes are donation-based and all donations will be carried forward to the next class of women. Talk about awesome community spirit!

Here’s more information about Krav Maga Tactics (Self-Defense) Singapore and do contact Don if you would like to have him conduct a class for you and friends. Highly recommended and do help more women learn the importance of self-defense! It’s fun to get a little healthy aggression out once-in-a-while.

Krav Maga Tactics (Self-Defense) Singapore aims to empower all our students with reality-proven Tactical Krav Maga knowledge and skills within a short time period. Tactical Krav Maga is a version of the combat system used by the Israeli Defence Forces and many special operations units around the world (including our own).

They also provide Floro Fighting System lessons (a reality based knife fighting) and cross-training in Mixed Martial Arts/Muay Thai on request. Classes currently run highly affordable daily sessions out of training facillities in Bishan and Orchard.

Contact them via SMS at 91005102 or request to join their FB group (click HERE).

More exciting updates coming up really soon! Stay tuned!


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