Derby Grrrl Of The Month

It’s September baby! Did we mention that we have been running as a league for 1 year now! We have made it this far despite our trials and tribulations and we are still going strong! Woot!

For our September Chilli Padi, we got ourselves a young and energetic grrrl who is making her way to be a kick-ass Jammer. She is fast and she jets around like a super speed rocket! Get to know this pretty lady right here!

Derby Name: Julz Jet!
Derby Number: 13

Tell Us About Yourself:

Oh boy, I’m never good at these, but I’ll try. I guess I can say I’m indecipherable. Oh and I can get pretty competitive sometimes. I really like cats too. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was about 10, so I guess the “hyperactive” part is a plus for me being in derby and all.

Why That Derby Name?

I guess I’m one of the few who can skate pretty fast! The grrrls are always shouting at me to slow down when we’re skating in a pack… my bad!

What Made You Join Roller Derby?

Well I was told by a friend that there was a derby league in Singapore, so I thought, “Why not?”. I remembered watching Whip It and thinking that the whole sport was pretty rad. I’m glad I joined.

What Do You Do Outside Roller Derby?

Living a student life in an arts school (NAFA). Always swamped with assignments, but I’m always trying my best to make time for practices!

What’s Your Other Hobbies/Interest?

I’m the most artsy in my family. I take an interest in photography, music, and art. I catch on quick in things like this, but it only works with things I’m interested in.

What Would Be Your Roller Derby Soundtrack?

How Has Roller Derby Benefited You?

I got to meet girls that I could actually click with, that is pretty awesome. I’m always pushing myself to be better at whatever I can do now too.

Worst Thing About Derby?

The guards we have to wear, stinking up my bag!

Any Advice For Girls Interested In Joining?

Find it interesting? GO FOR IT. The feeling you get from skating, from roller derby, it’s just amazing!


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