From New Zealand <3!

We all know that Singapore, being in its ideal geographical location, has brought about travellers from all around the world for years now. So, with derby we get the same response. We have derby girls from everywhere who either come by for a quick stop or come for work and that’s a great thing about playing derby, there will always be a league you can get in touch to skate with and make new friends.

Our 2nd derby guest is from the land of Kiwis – New Zealand!  Although it was a brief relationship, she has managed to impart some really important derby knowledge to the Chilli Padis while she was here. Well, here she is!

Derby Name: Meat Train
Derby League: Mount Militia Derby Crew (MMDC)

How did you come up with your name?

My Roller Derby name is Meat Train. It did start out as Midnight Meat Train, but found Midnight too hard to say with a mouth guard in, so dropped it. (Midnight Meat Train is from a horror film that came out in 2010).

How did you get the derby fever?

I was at the gym (I hate the gym) and saw a poster on the wall advertising Roller Derby that said something about hitting other women – I thought that sounded like a bit of me, and I never looked back, and stopped going to the gym – before this I had never heard of Roller Derby before.

Who do you skate with?
My league is the Mount Militia Derby Crew (MMDC) – we are based in Mt Maunganui, New Zealand.

Why do you love derby?
I love derby because it is fun – the people, the skills, the game – I have the best body from roller derby – the gym has never done for me what roller derby has done in terms of fitness and body shape.

Any advices for the fresh meat out there?
Hard work pays off – keep going, even when it’s hard – it will pay off eventually. You just might surprise yourself with what you achieve!


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