From Belgium with LOVE!

It has become somewhat of a CPDG tradition to interview all our derby guests when they come visit. Here is a fantastic skater who was down for the week performing in a magical show called Corazon de Angeles in Paradise for the Singapore’s Voyage Night Festival. In fact, some of us girls even got a chance to watch the performance and it was spectacular! She hails from Belgium and is packed with a witty and cheery disposition that makes her very enjoyable company but be warned, she is also one mighty tough skater on the rink!

Derby Name: Sandra ButtBlock
Derby Number: #36
League: Gent Go Go Roller Girls (Belgium)

How did you fall in love with derby?

I  happened to be dangling from a trapeze in Glasgow while the Glasgow Roller Girls were having their practice on the other side of the room. It looked very interesting to me and back home I went to a GGGRG fresh meat day & instantly fell in love.

Tell us about your most memorable derby “accident/injury”.

I have a small knee injury but that’s from overuse. So no wild story’s. I even hardly ever bruise… But I’ve caused memorable derby accidents! 😉

How is derby viewed in Belgium?

Badass. :-)It’s getting more known, one derby lover at a time. The people who come out & see our bouts really love it and I think most people just think we’re a bunch of crazy women having crazy fun. That’s right on the money! 😉

Name one trademark of your team or yourself that stands out from other teams.

We have this “thing” we do whenever any of us meet any abroad derby’s. We make them do jumping jacks with us. It started out as a joke to show we’re really doin’ our plyo everywhere and now it’s just a way so say “hi” to the team back at home. We got some of these video’s on the weirdest places yo! 🙂

Anything else you will like to add?

I really enjoyed my visit to the Chilli Padis. You girls are amazingly nice! I haver NEVER before skated on that kind on big ass track! Your jammers (and everybody) will be feared for there endurance!!! 😀

Meanwhile, Selamat Hari Raya to all our chilli padis and everyone else, more crazy updates coming up soon!


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