The Derby Name

Choosing a roller derby name is no doubt one of the most exciting experiences a derby girl starting out in a league can have. Since most of us here have already decided to stick with roller derby for a looong time, we will need to prepare ourselves for the track as we get closer to being bout ready – by having our roller derby pseudonyms ready (for those of us who haven’t already chosen one).

We can be whoever we want to be! It’s like being a superhero, complete with alter egos and “a secret life”?

“Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary.”  –Sir Cecil Beaton

Here are a few factors to consider before deciding on a name:?

1) Choose something 0 R 1 G ! N 4 L

This is VERY important! ALWAYS check the roster ( before submitting a name. We are not allowed have the same name as any other skater in the ENTIRE WORLD. Names that are highly similar with those already registered will most likely be rejected! We can, however, look through the list to get inspiration (just personalize it in some way or another)

Our names will be copyrighted in a way, so we have to be really committed to playing derby before registering our names on the website!

2) Not too offensive

Roller derby is, by all means, a family friendly sport. When we start bouting we may have an audience covering the whole age spectrum. We need to be sensitive and not come off as crude especially since Singapore has a rather conservative culture- we want roller derby to be supported in Singapore!!! 🙂

Tips: We can be as creative and daring as we want, WE get to choose. How do we want to be represented on track? A name to inspire fear in our opponents? Something that has a tinge of bad-ass in it and witty at the same time??

Add a cool word to your own name 😉 Play around with words, create fun puns! or come up with something totally random and unique.

Below are some ideas to get y’all started:

Physical Appearance:
Got rabbit teeth? You can use words associated with bunnies for your persona (e.g Thumper O’hare?- found this on the web)

Moody, distressed, happy, etc.

A Quality you wish to have?:
Strength, agility, speed, endurance, sexiness,?

Favourite Music:
A band you’re nuts over? Play around with their names or song titles! (e.g Iron Maven[the band Iron Maiden] from “Whip It”)

Is there a celebrity that you identify with or someone famous who really inspires you? You can borrow a part of your idol’s name to create the perfect moniker for yourself.?

Like CPDG’s very own Thrasherina Jolie, blessed with luscious lips like that of Angelina Jolie’s (check her out, she’s derby grrrl of the month for August!)

Oh and don’t only come up with one name, in case it gets rejected. Have a back up one that you also like! 🙂

Images were borrowed from the world web web and article written by Elaine Khoo.

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