Derby Grrrl Of The Month!

It’s August and it’s time for our August Chilli Padi! This month we have this young thing who is full of fire and a total eye-catcher. *Wolf whistles* Without further ado…

Derby Name: Thrasherina Jolie
Derby Number: 88

Tell Us About Yourself:

Im an introverted extrovert, if that makes sense. I prefer being the wallflower most of the time to avoid awkward situations. I hate marshmallows, popcorn, potatoes and peanut butter because the textures are extremely unpleasant. Sometimes I feel that I might grow to immensely hate people, marry pizza, and live with 88 cats.

Why That Derby Name?

Thrash + Angelina Jolie
(It’s just really cheesy and meaningless right now, i might change it before we really register!) Thrash, as in beat repeatedly and violently, as in Imma do it to you if you make me.  Angelina Jolie, as in the actress with the lips, thick lips, like mine.

What Made You Join Roller Derby?

The desire for adrenaline rushing through my veins and at the same time I needed an avenue to release the inner bad ass mother-f***ing bitch. Plus it embodies strong, powerful women who aren’t afraid to take a hit.

What Do You Do Outside Roller Derby?

Right now I’ve been swamped with school, being in MassComm in NP, so I haven’t been doing anything much. Usually I’d read and go for walks around Singapore alone besides chilling with my girls but I haven’t had much time for that.

What Would Be Your Roller Derby Soundtrack?

How Has Roller Derby Benefited You?

Met so many cool, chick friends who are just like me! I love my derby sisters! And it made me less afraid and I don’t hesitate to get something I want cause that’s what a derby girl would do!

Worst Thing About Derby?

Being all smelly and not having a proper place to skate without damaging our wheels all the time! And the cuts and bruises I call battlescars!

Any Advice For Girls Interested In Joining?

If you think you’ve got what it takes, well, Google Nike’s tagline- Just Do It.


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