Calling Out To All You Folks Out There!


Can’t skate but wished you could be part of the CPDG roller derby experience? Fret not, here’s your chance! We are currently looking for dedicated individuals (doesn’t matter if you are male, female, gay or straight) to fill these roles on the committee. Only committed folks need apply~

Roles to fill:

Skater Manager (Can’t think of a cool name for this one!)

You get to do all the fun stuff, you will help organise parties, get-together’s, flyer-days and basically keep track of the players in the league. We need someone with great people-skills, and actually loves orgainsing!

Crazy Spammer!

You will think of all the coolest ideas for a blog post and BLOG! From putting up awesome photos, to bitching about derby, to sharing quirky information with everyone on the world wide web! So we need a highly creative person who has a flair for writing who loves blogging. Some web design knowledge preferred.

‘Big Sister’

You will be our eye in the sky, the hand that holds us all together, the one who would know every nook and cranny of the team. We need someone who is great with computers and has the gift of keeping track of all information entering and leaving the league. WE NEED YOU. 

Resident Art Divas!

You will be the creative geniuses we all wished we were but could never be. You will  help the league with AESTHETICS. We need  art divas to design kickass logos , awesome prints for t-shirts, merchandise-so-cool-our-fans-can’t-get-enough-of, and most of all, eye catching posters and flyers!

So what are you waiting for, email us today at


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