New in Singapore!

Let us introduce to you our new coach, Travis Hickey!

Flown in from the UK recently for work, he contacted the Chilli Padis asking if we were interested in him coaching our team. Our answer, HELL YEA! Talk about being lucky!

The grrrls had a fantastic session learning some of the basic fundamentals of skating on Tuesday night with our really handsome and experienced coach who has such flair, both on skates and off. Despite working us hard during training, he managed to get everyone’s attention AND even made some of our grrrls giggle like little school girls.

So here he is and a little information about himself to share with everyone.

Tell us about yourself:

“I’m from London, I started skating when I started my contract in
Starlight Express in Germany, where I played Hashamoto for two years.
During that time I was taught how to teach the technique of roller
skating by Michal Fraley, one of the best in the world. I took this
information and I started to guest coach for Roller Derby leagues in
the UK, such as the Dorset Roller Girls and the Kent Roller Girls. I
am now working in Voyage de la Vie as a dancer, acrobat and skater in
Resorts World Sentosa.”

To learn more about Travis, visit his website by clicking HERE.


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