Derby Grrrl Of The Month

This month we are a tad bit early for our July’s Chilli Padi and we like it because we have more updates coming right up!

When it comes to Masonic Evil, you think BATMAN. The link is undeniable and her fascination with Batman, astounding. She is currently freezing her buns off down in Sydney and we reckon she should come home soon! Anyway we’ll let her tell you more about herself.

Derby Name: Masonic Evil

Derby Number: 33

Tell Us About Yourself: 

I am an avid comic and Batman fan in particular. I even have a  Batman blog! Visit if you are into comics!

Why That Derby Name?

Because I am a conspiracy theorist and the Free Masons are all along affiliated with the Illuminati from the earliest of centuries when they were still known as the Brotherhood. 33 is the highest number of initiation one can get into in their secret society. I wanted to name myself BlunderWoman (wonder woman, get it?) but i checked the registered derby names and unfortunately that was taken.

What Made You Join Roller Derby? 

The angst and pent up energy that i have in me when i’m happy makes me a good candidate i think. Also, I like all that roller derby stands for in the female community, especially more so in the society we live in today.

What Do You Do Outside Roller Derby? 

I read books and comics. Think about a lot of things i don’t have answers to, and sometimes that upsets me. However! I am easily amused too!

What Would Be Your Roller Derby Soundtrack? 

Amerika by Rammstein. That song is the first song i fell in love with by Rammstein. i find it specially apt when it comes to roller derby in singapore because the song is being sarcastic about how awesome America is and how every other country in the world is adopting lifestyles and interests that America has. Roller Derby is no exception in our case. Did i also mention I love satire humor?

How Has Roller Derby Benefited You? 

It definitely made me realize how good it feels to be exercising and healthy. It’s like freeing yourself physically. It feels so liberating doing something you could never do easily before, that is, running for a bus or train and not be panting to death after that.

Worst Thing About Derby? 

I’d have to say this would be the best and worst thing in roller derby. Best thing is you get to know more girls (always felt like i lack female friends, but it’s so hard to go out scouting for female friends on purpose), and then when you do meet some awesome girl friends, things get personal and sometimes disagreements occur and it affects you somehow. Double edge sword i guess.

Any Advice For Girls Interested In Joining?

Keep in check why you are joining this sport. if you are in for the right reasons, “right” being a reason that is true to yourself, not a fad or anything like that, then i’d say go for it.




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