Flyer Day!

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Exactly a week ago, 6 Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls took on flyer day at the East Coast Park! I lugged my heavy blue quad skates and bag full of gear and flyers while the rest of the grrrls lugged their skates and bags under the scorching hot sun to the venue. We skated around the park, holding up large signs with “CPDG” written all over it and tried our best to hand out flyers. I can’t say it was that successful, but we did manage to attract some attention!

We got there in the late afternoon and decided to have a quick lunch before embracing the sunny day. After gearing up, we decided to skate to the SkatePark hoping there would be girls to hand out flyers to, but to no avail,  the place was full of boys. It probably didn’t help that there was a BMX competition too. Even so, we pasted a couple of our flyers at the SkatePark before leaving to skate a long route to the other side of the park before finally ending the yet again, fail, flyer day.

Even though we didn’t get to pass out flyers, I still had tons of fun with the rest of the grrrls and I’m sure they feel the same! It was a really great day of bonding for us, and well maybe we’ll have better luck for next month’s flyer day!

(Written by Julz Jet)


One thought on “Flyer Day!

  1. Damn, those pictures of ECP bring back memories. I wish I was still in Singapore. I admire your determination to get more girls on the team. You rock, ladies.

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