Sydney Roller Derby League

As promised, pictures of the Sydney Roller Derby League post is here! I took some on my iphone but honestly, it doesn’t look good and doesn’t do the league any justice with the bad pictures. So with permission from Miss Biff (approval took some time hence the delay in this post. sorry guys!), I have been given the green light to post pictures of their teams from their press kit.

So here are some awesome team photos!

The Assassins. Photo by Kellie Lafranchi 2010 Eastern Regional Finals.

The Screaming Assault Sirens. Photo by Kim Lee.

Beauty School Knockouts- The Hot Rollers. Photo by Kim Lee.

The D’viants. Photo by Corina Miller.

Team Unicorn: The Horny Rollers. Photo by Kellie LaFranchi

And last but not least, the team that most people forget is as important as the competing teams is THE ZEBRA TEAM!!!

Photo by Nick Parker


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