Derby Grrrl Of The Month

We all know that time flies when you’re having fun and it is coming to the end of June. A lot has happened since our league started, from recruiting fresh meats to making it on the local papers, to our ‘live’ radio/video interview with LiveoMusic Studio.

This month, we are losing two very precious Chilli Padis because the world is so big and they are leaving to savour every bit of it. One of them is our vice-president Miriam Massacre who is leaving to London, then to Kuala Lumpur to start her very own league. The other is our June’s Chilli Padi who is leaving for Boston, USA. We will definitely miss you girls!

So, here she is, a total babe!

Derby name: The Mighty Moop
Derby number: 42

Tell us about yourself:
I’m going away to college in Boston, so I’ll only be a Chilli Padi in name and in my heart after this! I hope to join another league there.

Why that derby name?
It’s a play on the name of my favourite fictional duo Howard Moon & Vince Noir, also known as The Mighty Boosh. Here’s an example of their awesomeness.
Also, one of my terrapins is named Moop. She nearly died at a young age from pneumonia, but managed to survive because she’s a strong turtle. I’m really proud of her.

What made you join roller derby?
I was looking for something to do with the ridiculous amounts of free time I had and roller derby sounded infinitely badass, so I just had to sign up!

What are your other hobbies/interests?
Reading, buying trinkets to adorn my trinket-filled room with, and movie marathons with friends, whom with I once went through a severe ‘Left 4 Dead’ phase. It was not pretty. I also sometimes dress up as a sailor, which confuses people.

What would be your roller derby soundtrack?
Soap Opera by We Are The Fury

How has roller derby benefited you?
I’ve made new friends (!!!) which is really really cool.

Worst thing about derby?
Lugging around a heavy bag of gear.

Any advice for girls interested in joining?
If it is within your financial means, I say go for it. It will most def be time and effort consuming, but it also is so much fun.


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