Memoirs of a visitor skating with the Sydney Roller Derby League

Just like the title suggests, there’s always a first time for everything. For most of the girls in the Chilli Padis, there hasn’t been an opportunity for them to train or compete with any of the other leagues yet, apart from visiting skaters like Cassandra (Sun State Roller Girls) and Lorianna (Houston Roller Derby). I have to admit I’m pretty lucky when it comes to training with the Sun State Roller Girls the first time i discovered this sport in Brisbane.

I am currently in Sydney and not surprisingly, I am training with the Sydney Roller Derby Girls during my stay here. Can’t describe how amazing and honorable this feels because those girls have actually participated in actual bouts and they sure know how to throw a good, painful hit! Needless to say I was extremely intimidated and worried about my stamina not being as good as them. Stamina wise, yes, could definitely use more improvement. As for the intimidation part, they were very friendly (but still really intimidating because these girls are tough!!! I feel so feeble next to them) and helpful!

The person that helped arranged all these was Jen a.k.a. Lethal, and when I first arrived at the venue she had not reached. I saw heaps of roller derby girls but I was really lost as to where the training venue was because I was informed that there would be a half an hour off skate training session before. After being lost for quite a while, I managed to find the room the girls placed their bag and I went to get changed and went straight outside the sports centre for the off skates training.

Talk about looking out of place, the only sports attire I brought for was a tank top with shorts and running shoes (which is pretty much what I wear for trainings in Singapore. Oh. Did I mention it’s winter in Sydney now?). I would assume a few of the girls were looking at how little clothes I had on and was wondering what the heck this asian girl was thinking. It was cold but frankly speaking I didn’t feel it because I was too nervous and excited.

After the off skates training, we went in and had the usual trainings where we were split into two groups (because they had quite a large amount of girls), one was a scrimmage session where they discuss ways to score more points without too much effort, and I had no idea what they were talking about because I have never been in a real bout. The other side was endurance training and both sides went on continuously for an hour each! Water breaks were fast and i was practically moving and exercising constantly.

It was a really tiring but fun experience and I can’t wait for the next training. In the cold you don’t sweat (well maybe a little) and a few occasions I had cramps in my calf from the cold (not surprising considering what I was wearing).

Oh and one thing FANTASTIC about training in the cold is YOUR GUARDS DON’T STINK FROM SWEAT!

I will be taking pictures during the Sunday training session and will be posting pictures, so do check back here again soon! Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, but I feel it would be nice to share my first training experience with them. Mandy a.k.a. Masonic Evil signing off!! XOXOXO


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