Some Derby Slang Explained

1) Fresh meat: Skaters that are new to the team.

2) Bout: Term used for competitions.

3) Jam: A jam is something a non derby person would call a match. And it lasts about 1-2 minutes.

4) Lead jammer: The first jammer that passes the pack in that jam. Lead jammers get to stop a jam if she thinks it is strategically needed for her team.

5) Jammer: The player that has a star on her helmet and scores the points by going past the pack as many times as she can in a jam.

6) Pack: The group consisting of blockers from both teams that the jammer has to get past to score.

7) Pivot: Identified with the stripe on her helmet, she is the one that leads the pack by determining the pace of the skaters.

8) Derby wife:  Another derby team mate that you feel like you’ve known your whole life and can never do without her. (layman terms: the bestest friend you have in the league)

9) Whipping: A method used by swinging an arm or leg to push another skater (usually the jammer) forward faster.

10) Blocking: Just as it says, blocking is the term used to prevent opposing team’s jammer from getting past by either blocking the jammer or prevent opposing blockers from aiding their jammer.

11) Helmet panty: It is a cloth that we wear over our helmet. for instance, a jammer’s helmet has a star on it, and that cloth on the helmet that can be removed, is called a helmet panty.


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