Derby Grrrl Of The Month

Presenting our May’s Chilli Padi with a tinge of the hipstermatic feel!

Derby Number: 17

Tell Us About Yourself:

In the time that I don’t spend skating, I am a full time slave to academia. Once in a while I spend hours being paid to terrorize little children in a supermarket! I also spend, copious amounts of time laughing at funny gifs on the internet, watching Conan O’brien and wishing for Arrested Development to return.

Why That Derby Name?

Hypatia was actually one of the first female notable mathematician and philosopher in ancient Rome, and the pain was added in a feeble attempt to ‘derby-fy’ it! BUT IT IS AWESOME STILL.

What Made You Join Roller Derby?

Why would anyone not when given the opportunity??? I remember watching Roller Jam as part of my childhood and thinking how cool everything was! And I fell completely in love with the beauty of the sport and its community when I caught Drew Barrymore’s ‘Whip It’! So when I came across a facebook page calling for the establishment of derby in Singapore, I didn’t have to think twice about joining!

What’s Your Other Hobbies/Interest?

I am a terrible nerd and I love reading! Most of the time I stick to contemporary fiction but recently I’ve begin to pick up books on history and historical figures! I also am partial to Bears for some reasons and love watching documentaries about them!

What Would Be Your Roller Derby Soundtrack?

How Has Roller Derby Benefited You?

It has made me great group of friends that I will be forever grateful for and kept me away from the couch to sweat it out a few times a week! I’ve also learnt so much about running organisations from being involved in a community – it is hard work!!!!

Worst Thing About Derby?

Sweating! And stinky gear!

Any Advice For Girls Interested In Joining?

Just join, take the chance! But also make sure your heart is into it, and you’re ready to commit a lot of your time and resources into this because it will be much more than just a hobby! We’ve all grown up in Singapore with sports and hobbies being just a side activity to our main objective of studying hard and getting good grades (Sad, but true) but derby will be more than just something you do after school/work, it will take over your life! So be prepared to be tired and aching from trainings all week, have your wallets feel slimmer (much, much slimmer) and find yourself losing sleep over trying to think of new ideas for marketing or recruitment! It sounds tough, but the benefits of being part of the derby community really outweigh the negative! I personally find that trainings and spending time with my derby grrrls are the highlights of my weeks!


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