Idiot’s guide to washing your guards

Hello boys and girls! Remember the previous post about stench? This is the follow up post on how to wash your guards. Well, this isn’t the right way (don’t think there’s any standard right way as long as you get them clean), it’s just the way I wash my guards. The process seems a little more tedious compared to just putting them all in a net bag and throwing them in the washing machine, but I’m not sure if throwing them in the washing machine like this will wear out guards out faster or not.

Over time, your guards will probably feel loose and start sliding downwards a little. If you have been having the old guards for too long and they don’t sit snuggly on your knees and elbows, either due to the sport or over time stretching from washing and stuff, it is time to get new ones.

Never overlook taking care of your guards as they protect your important joints and should never, ever be neglected. So anyway, let’s start with the procedures on how I wash my guards!

First of all, you need your guards as shown above. Next, you need a relatively big tub.

And lastly, you’ll need Febreze. This is optional though.

Now, put all your guards and whatever you want to wash in the tub. In my case, I put my ankle guard support in too. You can also throw in socks if you want, me thinks.

Now, you bring it to the bathroom and fill it with water. Squeeze your guards in a rinsing fashion while you do it.

Remember to give your guards a little squeeze to remove sweat residue on it. Now, rinse the water in the tub.

Get your normal clothes detergent.

Pour a little detergent into the tiny cap.

It looks like it’s a lot but it’s really only about 3-4mm in level.

Take this little tiny cup and bring it to the tub with your soaked guards and pour!

Now use your water hose to spray directly on the spot where you poured the soap so it would foam! Oh glorious bubbles!! okay, you don’t really have to do that actually. It’s really just optional, unless you like bubbles!!

Let it sit in the bubbly soap for about 5 minutes, or longer if you’re busy doing the laundry and dishes at the same time like me.

And when you’re done with the other chores, rinse the bubbles away! Make sure you remove as much soap as you can. Preferably remove ALL soap traces. Wring them dry as much as you can and then lay them on a floor that is fine with being wet. Don’t do it in your living room or bedroom or anywhere like that. A balcony would be fine.

Now, remember Febreze?

Spray it 20cm away from your guards generously.

Now hang them out to dry!

And you are done!


2 thoughts on “Idiot’s guide to washing your guards

  1. vinegar works a treat, too
    also a tea tree oil spritz is great for an immediate post-training solution.

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