G’day Mate!

We are proud to present our very own guest derby girl from the land down under! This spunky lady skates with the Ballarat Roller Derby League and joined us for a skate or two when she got here, so we decided to get to know her a little better!

Derby Name: Skipping Girl Whipping-Her
Skate Number: 1190
Team: Rat Pack
Country: Australia
Profession: Theatre Electrician
Age: 24

1. How did you get the derby fever?
Some girls I knew played derby in Ballarat. I had read about it in a local magazine and wanted to play, but I was worried I would get hurt because I am so small!!! I went and watched a bout, fell in love, and went to fresh meat the following week. I hit the track and haven’t looked back since!!!

2. Why roller derby and what do love about it?
It’s quirky, it’s different, it’s fast, it’s a little bit retro, you get to dress up, have a different name, meet awesome people, push yourself, learn cool new skills…. what’s not to love!! I dig the adrenaline rush and the way you feel after skating. i love that there is always something new to learn and master – every time you skate you feel like you’ve achieved something.

3. Tell us about yourself and your alter ego.
I like things that are vintage, a little bit pretty, maybe a bit world worn, but have stood the test of time. My derby name is after ‘Skipping Girl Vinegar’. There is a brand of vinegar that has a girl skipping as it’s logo. In Melbourne, there is a big neon sign of the girl skipping on the top of a building. She is referred to as ‘Little Audrey’, and has been there in some form since 1936. She has faced demolition more than once, but is super strong and loved by the public. My derby alter ego may look sweet, but watch your back. She’s one tough cookie!!!!

4. Tell us more about your home team.

The Rat Pack is the representative team for Ballarat Roller Derby League. BRDL is a co-ed league encouraging all people to get involved, including men and children. Our colours are orange and black, and we wear pinstripe bottoms as part of our uniform. Our first win was in Tasmania against the Convict City Rollers, in November of 2010. The Rat Pack are one kick-arse bunch of lovely people 🙂 

5. What do you think about the roller derby scene in Australia?

It’s growing every day, which is awesome!!! Derby in Australia is building a huge following, especially in Melbourne and Adelaide. Hopefully over the next few years the various leagues around the country will continue to pull together and bout against each other, train together, hang out, nurture new leagues, and further develop the fun and healthy inter-league relationships that already exist.

6. What was your most memorable moment so far?
Holding up a fellow skater’s half snapped off foot, still with roller skate attached and bone sticking out, while waiting for the ambulance to arrive!!!! Four months later, she is back on skates…. woohoo!!!!!

7. Currently, what are you doing in Singapore?
I am here in Singapore to work on The Lion King musical, which is due to open in March. I am a lighting technician. At the moment we are working 12hrs a day, six days a week in preparation for opening. There is a large, complex system of lights, dimmers, computers and cables that is required for such a large scale musical. I am exhausted, but having a blast!!

8. Any advice for the fresh meat out there?
Listen to any advice your fellow derby girls give you. We have all been in your skates at some point, and know just how difficult it can be!!! Keep smiling, keep falling, and have fun with all the great new people you will meet 🙂 oh…. and buy good knee pads!!!! They are more important than good skates!

9. What do you do when you’re not working or playing derby?
At the moment??? Sleep!!!! But normally I love cycling, playing with my dog, swimming, sewing, hanging with my boy, drinking coffee, gardening, cooking, playing music (guitar, keys, violin etc…) boogying!!! catching live music….. you know. fun stuff!!!!

10. Anything else you want the world to know?
I’m dying to come and skate with the chilli padi’s again, they are an awesome bunch of ladies!!!!

*Images – Courtesy of Skipping Girl Whipping-Her and Ballarat Roller Derby League.


3 thoughts on “G’day Mate!

  1. We miss you here in cold Ballarat Skippy!!!!! Looking forward to the day we bump into you riding your cute bike around the lake with your even cuter dog again!

  2. Your fellow skater with the foot broken off – has gone and broken the other ankle and leg – what a tard! Lovely to hear from you – come home soon for a play xxxx. I am still amazing at sharing and drinking wine 🙂

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