Dealing With Smell During Trainings

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Roller Derby. These two words will probably bring a couple of images into your head. But I assure you, bad sweat stench would never be one of them. Well at least for me. I could never imagine how bad sweat would smell on women, ever, especially on myself. The human body, being one very amazing and wondrous functioning machine, is apparently capable of producing the most pungent, horrid, and sour stench your nose can possibly register.

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If you’re trying to recall when was the last time you smelt some really funky sweat smell, don’t bother. It’s not exactly the sweating in process that kills you, it’s when your sweat gets soaked into your knee and elbow guards. Give it some time to sit in your bag, or even if you leave them out in the open, with the help of the humidity in Singapore, before you know it you would have achieved that smell you are trying to imagine right now.

Everyone has their own thing going on before derby training, either school or work or anything else. So it’s not surprising if some of the girls have no time to wash their guards regularly. It is also very understandable that you don’t have time to keep your guards smelling clean and fresh every training, however, to keep them constantly smelly is relatively torturous to your team mates.

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I’d dare say in our league, our way of showing affection towards one of our team mate, Fina the Warrior Princess (currently thinking of changing her name to Chemical Warfare due to obvious reasons), would be our extremely high tolerance to the stench of her very distinctively smelly guards. It is to the point where we literally smell her before we see her. That’s some sisterly love right there. Pure acceptance.

As much as we love our Fina the Warrior Princess, we have to remember that washing of guards are extremely important because of hygiene reasons. It’s the same as not leaving your wet clothes in a dark and damp room where it can’t dry properly. Little little things that the naked eye can’t see will be breeding in them and could possibly cause a rash for those with sensitive skin.

If you are a fresh meat and has never attempted to wash your guards before, do check back this site a couple of days later as we will be posting an article on how to wash your guards. In the mean time, remember not to smell. If all else fails, there’s always Febreze.

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Oh and Fina the Warrior Princess has finally washed her guards by the time this is posted. 🙂


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