Derby Grrrl Of The Month

Here is our sexy April’s Chilli Padi!

Derby Name: Tessy Bloodlust
Derby Number: 23

Tell Us About Yourself:
There’s things i could tell you and there’s things i could not. One thing for sure is that i love the sun, the sea and the sand.

Why That Derby Name?
I had a hard time thinking of a name that would stick forever as long as i had my skates on so the best option was to stick to the nickname I had been using for a long time but how i came up with that nick is another story for another time.

What Made You Join Roller Derby?
I used to play roller jam with my neighbors when i was in primary school and had enjoy myself very much in the game. When the girls added me i thought why not? As for time management, that can come later on.

What Do You Do Outside Roller Derby?
With a nursing license i chose to enjoy and have fun first and keep that for the boring days, so i’m working as an adventure trainer doing the things that i love outside to keep me happy inside.

What’s Your Other Hobbies/Interest?
The list would never end but my most active hobby and interest now would be rock climbing.

What Would Be Your Roller Derby Soundtrack?
I would say this would be one of the ones, No circle pits in heaven – R.A.M.B.O

How Has Roller Derby Benefited You?
Work has kept me busy from climbing and roller derby has gotten me active again and i have silly good fun during trainings that takes my mind off work.

Worse Thing About Derby?
The weight of my bag on training days!

Any Advice For Girls Interested In Joining?
Yes, it’s some new and different and sometimes we may not be certain about what we are getting ourselves into. The cost of starting up would be steep for some due to the gears and equipment. But you never know your capabilities or love and passion for something until you really give it a go. Don’t hold back yourself with things like the money for the skates or time to practise. Just come! You don’t have to buy skates immediately and you can always join us to get a feel of how it would be like. When you want to buy all the equipment, ask and read more on them because when you do that, you will only need to spend once, and these things would last you for quite sometime. If you were to think long term, it’s not financially taxing. Only the first part of getting them. 🙂 Anyway, the joy, passion, love and fun that you get out of playing derby would make up all cost you had to spend. That’s how you should look into it.


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