We are Uniformed

Guess what people. Chilli Padi Derby Girls have uniforms now! Not just that, we also now have two teams!  If you followed us from the start, you’d know we definitely had a slow start, not to mention a super rocky road that almost didn’t make this happen. But perseverance pays off! We now have two teams, I repeat, TWO teams! If this blog post doesn’t scream excitement, I don’t know what does. Maybe a virtual pop-up card that literally screams ‘EXCITE EXCITE EXCITE’ in your face. I don’t know.

ANYWAY! Point is, last training session was our team’s official photoshoot and it was also the day we laid eyes and hands on our uniforms. To emphasize on the creativity and resourcefulness of the Chili Padi girls, our uniforms are self designed. Done by Taferine and Miriam, our very own President and Vice-President. Talk about great power that comes along with great responsibilities!

Okay, I should really stop blabbering with excitement and happiness (I LOVE MINE SO MUCH) about how good it feels to have a uniform and how pretty looking they are and insert some pictures already. These aren’t official pictures, but they are pictures of our official teams! Official pictures done by our photographer will be put up when it’s done.

Before you look at those pictures, bear in mind that those colours look so much more pretty in real life! Pictures don’t do them justice! But something tells me the uniforms are not really the only factor that pulls your curiosity.. Of course, it’s the girls!

Go ogle to your heart’s content, boys and girls!

Photo copyright – Sheeren Naz of What’s Up?

Photo copyright – Sheeren Naz of What’s Up?

Photo copyright – Sheeren Naz of What’s Up?

Photo copyright – Sheeren Naz of What’s Up?


2 thoughts on “We are Uniformed

  1. Hey Taff! Well done, gorgeous lady – TWO teams – you should be so damn proud of yourself! I’m so happy for you and all the girls over there – I wanna come and train with you! Of course we miss you at TVRD – hopefully we’ll meet again one day ON THE TRACK!!!!!!
    Much love – Siouxie Da Slayer #72 TVRD

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