Flyer Day

Recently, the Chilli Padis gathered in town to do our monthly Flyer Day! It has been raining the past couple of days and thank the derby gods, it didnt rain that Sunday. (It was actually a bit too sunny and hot)
Here’s a video of what happened :

So as you can obviously see, flyer day was a FAILED FLYER DAY. We wonder why people are so afraid us? Is this just a Singaporean thing or what? (Although technically there arent really many Singaporeans in orchard road anymore)
Nonetheless, we had so much fun just scaring people away. Maybe next time we’ll do a flyer day in full gear, helmets, camo cream, tutu’s and wigs and just record everyones reaction! But that would sort of defeat the purpose of flyer day. oh well..

Till Next time!


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