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We’ve established that derby is too new in Asia, and most of us in this region know-not of this sport. In our attempt to not only share the wonders of the sport itself, but also the lovely folk who make up international derby community.

For this post, we would like to introduce Trish AKA Horror Belle (President and plays blocker) from the Towns Villains Roller Derby League down in Townsville, North Queensland Australia.

Derby Name: HorrorBelle
Skate Number: 13
Team: Towns Villains Roller Derby / The Slaughterers
Country: Australia
Profession: Tattooist
Age: 30

Left: Trish Horror Belle


1. How did you get the derby fever?

I remember watching a documentary on ABC called Roller Derby Dolls which was a story about a bunch of girls in Brissy who had started playing derby. I had seen a few pictures online but other then the documentary I hadn’t seen a lot about it. After that I was super keen to play derby, but alas we didn’t have a team in Townsville. So as they say…build it and they will come. Myself and a friend started TVRD and now derby has really exploded in the ville.

2. Why roller derby and what do you love about it?

I just love that it is differant to other sports and that I can hit people. At least that is how I felt about it in the beginning. I now love that we are really progressing with our skating skills. Doing things we didn’t think were possible. Plus I love the tactics, it seems like a real simple sport but my gosh it makes you really think.

3. Tell us about yourselves and your alter-egos.

I am a mum of 4 kiddoes and have been married to my guy for over 10 years now. I tattoo for a living and I LOVE it!!!! I don’t really have an alter ego, I’m just a goofy and silly in person as I am on skates. My name doesn’t really reflect my attititude on the track but maybe I should start to play it up a bit ;P

4. Tell us more about the Towns Villains Roller Derby League and how it started.

So Myself and ShallWe StalkHer started the league way back in April 09, with the help of Lex Fight who joined the league about 2 weeks after we started and had been playing derby with the Victorian Roller Derby League for a few years we were able to start getting the wheels rolling 😉 in the right direction. Since then the league has achieved so much. We have so many girls who love coming to training each week and bouting. We have so many fresh meat at the moment, it’s so exciting to see. We have travelled to RADelaide to be a part of the Great Southern Slam in June 2010 where we learnt a truckload about a derby. BCR have travelled to play us and we have travelled to Cairns. This year we are excited as the league is now adding another team to the roster so we have Roll Asylum, The Slaughterers and Skull Ravens. We are holding a tournament in June for teams in the northernish area called Northern Tropical Thunder where teams from Cairns, Mackay, Darwin, Alice Springs and hopefully Gladstone will be travelling here to bout. TVRD are so excited. Thats about it in a nutshell. We have grown so much and are a huge big family really. We all seem to live in each others pockets and all have the same goal in mind which is to see TVRD grow to be even bigger and better and bout in front of bigger crowds.

5. What was the most exciting moment in TVRD’s history?

So far I think it would have been going to RADelaide and winning against Woolongong Illawarra Roller Derby, that was amazing!!!!!

6. What do you think about the roller derby scene in Australia?

It is truely amazing. Not once have I come across such an awesome bunch of people. Every town I go to I know I can call up the local team and catch up/train/meet them. So far I have trained with Brisbane City Rollers, Toowoomba City Rollers, West Sydner Roller Girls and Reef City Roller Girls and everyone of them have taught me something new and made me feel super welcome. We have also had girls from all over come and join us for training sessions and bouts if they are in town. Its always exciting to meet other derby folk.

7. What do you do when you’re not working or playing derby?

Draw, I draw allot. I also like rock ‘n’ roll dancing but have been slack and havent been back to lessons in a while :/ I love a mean BBQ with friends and being social.

8. Finally, any advice for the fresh meat out there?

Skate, skate, skate skate skate skate skate skate skate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and skate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and try to get involved in helping out with the duties that need to be done to run the league, it is such hardwork but right now in TVRD with ALL committee and sub committee positions filled the league runs so much smoother because it is not on the backs of only a select few like it used to be in the early stages. Even if you help out by photocopying something, it really all helps!!!


*We like to thank Trish for this interview and providing the images used.


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