Exciting Updates!

1.  Exciting things have been happening for CPDG! Freshmeat have finally gotten their skates and we’re rapidly growing! The photo above is taken at our last training with Cassandra from Sun State Roller Girls (Brisbane). She showed us more awesome derby drills and techniques! We love visiting derby grrrls! We learn so much from just one lesson!

2.  One of the biggest obstacles for CPDG was to purchase derby gear as they’re not available in Singapore, BUT FRET NOT, derby gear has arrived, and its here in Singapore! Go Sports Skate Shop at *Scape has brought in several pairs of Riedell skates, and protective pads! There are limited skates so if you’re planning to join, nows the time!

3.  CPDG will be having an official photography session next week! We’ve been having tons of requests for our team photo’s (so popular now. hehe) and finally we’re starting to do something about it! Heads up, our photos might be in the next magazine/book  you read *hint *hint*

4.  CPDG is finally coming up with uniforms! Because we are lo-fi and DIY like that, we are designing and making it ourselves! We will be wearing our awesome uniforms in our photography session so if you’re wondering how it turns out like, watch this space! We can assure you, we are very fashionable!

5.   CPDG is  looking out for potential girls/guys to join our committee. We are needing help in the fundraising/events/PR department and a design team to help up with our posters and flyers! (You are not required to skate to hold these positions, you just need to be committed and passionate about roller derby) So if you think you’ve got the guts and the skills, please do drop us an email at blessmyskates (at) gmail (dot) com

6.  Training on 14th of April (Thursday) will be held at Marina Bay Sands, so we wont be at *Scape! Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain cause we’ve been hungry for some outdoor skating! CPDG will be gathering at 7.45pm, at Marina Bay MRT. Look out for the bunch of badass girls and you’ve found us!

7. Flyer day will be held this Sunday, 17th April, at Orchard road in the afternoon! CPDG will be on skates doing guerilla marketing and promoting roller derby. We hope the turnout of this flyer day will be crazier than our last! Don’t be scared to come up to us and say hi, we wont bite! (at least, not all of us. haha)

Hope you guys have a great week ahead! We know we will! Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Exciting Updates!

    • At the moment, we are recruiting men and women for referee positions! It’s heaps fun because you can to boss around bossy women! Ha no, really, it is one of the openings we welcome guys to join as we do not have the numbers for men’s roller derby just yet. So come on down and train with us if you have inlines and protective gears! Refereeing is serious business and you can even consider it to be a future sideline career! We’ll explain if you want to know more. 🙂

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