Derby Grrrl of The Month!

Our February Chilli Padi :

Derby Name : Mim Massacre

Derby number : 88

Tell us about yourself :

22 years old, Malaysian, fashion student, very loud and outspoken. Quite annoying at times but definitely lovely on the inside.

Why Derby?

Derby is the best way for me to exercise and have fun at the same time! Plus, its the only time you get to push people down, kick some ass  and get away with it!

What do you do apart from roller derby?

I sit at home and have dvd marathons, hang out with friends, gigs, concerts, clubbing, parties, fashion shows. Typical 22 year old girl!

What sort of music do you listen to?

I listen to anything from Spice girls to Lukestar, Boys noize to Two door cinema club. I love all kinds of genre’s and i hate just sticking to one, thats boring. Although i must say my playlist consist of mostly indie electro fidget house folkish power pop alternative stuff.

Your roller derby soundtrack?

Definitely Tilly and the wall- Pot kettle black.  I can feel the ANGER. lol.


How has roller derby benefited you?

I’ve met so many cool new girls that are just like me! i finally feel like i belong! I guess i never fitted in the high heels, manicure pedicure, girly girl types of girls, ive always felt a little bit of a tomboy inside. (and I think i am better on skates than on heels) Ive always wanted to play a very aggressive sport, but i cannot skateboard or bmx or do whatever the hell the boys do, but ive always wanted to! I guess roller derby provides girls like me an outlet, a chance to get down and dirty and do crazy shit without having to deal with the boys laughing at your inability to do an ollie. :p  And the training’s are great, because it helps me exercise and get fit, while having fun. I was never a gym person so roller derby really helps!

What other sports do you play?

I dont play sports! although I like cycling and i love fixed gear bikes! and i also have a longboard, which i dont really use now that derby is here…haha. I also roller blade and ice skate..

Worse thing about derby?

The only worse thing i could think of is the stink after training. Thats about it!

Any advice for the girls who want to join?

Do not be afraid! we dont bite! 🙂 And if you do not know how to skate, its okay, ill be here to help!


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