CPDG’s Theory Lessons

Like every established sport, there are rules and standard game-plays to abide to. The Chilli Padi Derby Grrrls (CPDG) have chosen to adopt their practices and game-plays based on an American association – The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

WFTDA is an association of all-women flat track roller derby leagues that was formed in 2004. As there were an increased number of all-women derby leagues, the association got together to act as a governing body for the sport. They help set the standards of rules, derby seasons, safety measures, and determined guidelines for the national and international athletic competitions for their member leagues (Wikipedia).

Although, not all roller derby leagues around the world are affiliated with WFTDA. Some independent leagues either adopt the rules and standards completely or use them just as general guidelines.

CPDG will conduct a theory lesson this coming Tuesday (15th Feb 2011), 7.30PM at the Esplanade. The session will include a crash course of the different types of rules and refereeing signals used at a standard derby ’bout’. The knowledge will then be tested with a very simple multiple-choice test!

Let’s hope no one falls asleep!


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